sending mail on ubuntu through sendmail

David Fletcher dave at
Wed Oct 20 08:17:56 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 20 October 2010 02:09:25 Stephen S. Disbrow wrote:
> Hi,
>     how do I configure sendmail so that I can use sendmail to actually send
> mail. my ubuntu 10.10 host's static IP is, and it's on a
> router connected to a cable modem. I think my cable company will only allow
> smtp mail to go through one of there servers How do I
> configure my machine to allow programs to send mail via the sendmail deamon
> to the outside internet world?I know I'm supposed to modify items in
> and than do a make in /etc/mail , and restart sendmail via
> init.d, but I'm not sure what I should be modifying
> Steve D. (hopelessly lost.)

Christopher says he hates sendmail. I just don't use it.

My home server operates both as an outgoing email relay and incoming SMTP 
server i.e. I don't use POP to collect from outside, so I think it's doing 
pretty much what you want.

My advice would be, get rid of sendmail and use postfix instead.

You may find that your ISP blocks port 25 going out of their network but if 
it's a home machine that probably doesn't matter. If you really want to use 
an SMTP service outside your ISP's network you will often find that there is 
an 'alternative' SMTP port number made available by the SMTP server and not 
blocked by your ISP. If I remember the correct number, try port 587. The big 
advantage to having one of these available is that if you're out and about or 
on holiday with a laptop (or even your wife/girlfriend) you can use the 
authenticated SMTP service to send mail from anywhere if you don't want to 
use webmail.

Next hurdle, if you're using a server outside your ISP you will most probably 
find that it's an Authenticated SMTP server. This is to prevent it being used 
as an open relay. To gain access to one of these I subscribe to One And One, 
who host my domain name.

Postfix can easily be configured to do all of this. Don't just go installing 
it yet - I'm using my laptop at the moment and don't have access to the notes 
I keep on my desktop. You need to select the correct basic configuration 
option as the installer runs. I have to go out to collect a parcel and do a 
couple of other things, then later I can copy my notes to you.


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