Using Ubuntu 64 bit server

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Wed Oct 20 00:51:01 UTC 2010

>>> there a paravirtualized graphic driver for Windows under KVM
>>> available yet? No? Ah shucks.
>> Yes, there are.  They are provided by VMWare.  Also, you forget about
>> Hardware assisted [Native] virtualisation in this statement.
> That VMWare stuff has finally started working with KVM? Time to take
> another look. Yeah, I forgot to say hardware assisted. I mean KVM pretty
> much only works that way. Did it need mentioning?

Oooh. -vga vmware. So now it is vbox versus kvm on Linux I see. Time to 
give them a go and compare. Thanks Jordon, never bothered to check for 
this since Hardy ain't getting no updates (LTS - right...)

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