help with metacity and windows something

Jason Davis jasonsburgersnmore at
Mon Oct 18 08:07:49 UTC 2010

Sorry i am burnt up in the head right now.  After just starting to get to
using the terminal and really loving Ubuntu netbook 10.04,  I have been on a
8 hour terror looking for some way to save my tail.    I had been loading
all kinds of stuff including the compiz.   I had installed Tor and had just
compiled some stuff.....ugh.   Then I noticed if I clicked on the metacity
it wouldn't do anything so I took the Ubuntu software loader and uninstalled
Metacity, the window panel and couch DB.  Well  when i went back to login I
have a background of eye candy but no panels at all and the screen just
flickers.  I have tried alot of things.  And i should probably post this
when i am not just at the ends of my patience.

lets see the only thing i haven't done is rm -rf  .gnome .gnome2 .gconf
.gconfd .metacity .....

i get a cant open display. when i try to make the compiz my primary in the x
term...using the --replace &
. i have tried  gconft-2  --shutdown  I have tried the gconftool-2
R/desktop/gnome/session  then it would say  every normal line but the
windowmanager and the panel is missing
 and i have ran  gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /desktop/gnome/session and no

I am sorry but the only computer i have is the one i am working on.  The
only internet is thru m
we struggle not of the flesh and blood but against the rulers, the
authorities and powers of the dark world and against the evil in the
heavenly realm

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