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Andrew Farris flyindragon1 at
Mon Oct 18 04:53:41 UTC 2010

On Sat, 2010-10-16 at 19:26 -0400, Dennis Reeder wrote: 
> I installed 10.10 a couple of days ago on my netbook.  Really like it. 
>  Having been using Mac's since forever.  But Ubuntu may convert me. 
>  Having some very simple issues.

did you install a standard desktop, or the netbook edition? that will
have bearing on your second question...

> For example, I am trying to transfer MP3 files from a thumb drive into
>  Ubuntu for the Rhythm Box Music Player.  I assumed that the mp3 files
>  would go into file.  But I can't seem to get them there. 
>  Drag and drop?  Nope.  Import? No...or I am not doing it correctly. 
>  Sure its gotta be something so incredibly simple that I am missing it.

By default, Rhythmbox watches your "~/Music/" folder for media, so to
make the songs available within Rhythmbox, you should just have to drag
the files into that folder. If the music is on a CD you can use
Rhythmbox's ripper to get them there, but I know thats an entirely
different situation...

> I have installed Docky....well yeah I am a Snow Leopard user....and it
>  feels quite familiar.  Now would it be possible to eliminate the
>  column/tower of apps on the left hand side of the desktop?  Would
>  prefer to have the icons for my apps in the dock across the bottom
>  where they can disappear when not being accessed.  Am working with a
>  10 inch screen so every bit of real estate is valuable.

This sounds like a netbook edition feature (im assuming since you didn't
specify). should be as simple as removing the program, or at least
stopping it from auto-starting. I'm not sure what program that is
though, as I don't actually use the Ubuntu NBE... hopefully somebody
with more experience on it can provide the name of the program!

hope that helps :)

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