How does one determine packages added after installation?

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Sun Oct 17 14:05:50 UTC 2010

On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 10:24:20AM -0500, Tom Browder wrote:
> Is there any way to get a list of the default packages used for an
> initial installation from CD?  I looked at my 10.04.1 CD and could
> find only a limited set of packages (*.deb) under ./pool, and that is
> obviously not all that were installed.

Yes, the installation/LiveCD contains extracted packages, not .deb
files.  This is why it can be used for a live session.  And, I believe,
this makes installation faster -- you can copy all the files, including
dpkg metadata, instead of extracting thousands of small archives and
updating metadata records each time.

> My purpose is so that I can ensure a co-worker has the same package
> setup as I so our environments are identical.  I know I can do this by
> comparing his installed package list versus mine. but it would be
> easier if I could just tell him what I added after a default
> installation.

You could find that by looking at /var/log/dpkg.log, I suppose.  Or
checking file timestamps in /var/lib/dpkg/info.  Or using the history
feature of Ubuntu Software Center.

> A "Date-installed:" record in the package list file
> (/var/lib/dpkg/status) would be helpful for compiling such a list (and
> maybe a "How-installed:" record).

Apt keeps track of which packages were installed manually, and which
ones were pulled in as dependencies.  It keeps that information in

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