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On 17 October 2010 08:37, Christopher Lemire
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>> It's not cvs but csv as in comma-separated values.
>> It might be easier to edit one of the csv files in OO, or at least
>> prep it in OO because you probably have many unused fields/columns and
>> then edit it with vi.
> I'm not sure what you are getting at? How does one edit something in
> OpenOffice using vim. If the format of these files was a little more
> clear, readable, then I would go ahead and use vim/gvim to edit them.
> Perhaps there is some type of conversion for these files. I can
> convert them to a better formatting for editing, and then when I am
> done, convert it back and import the file back to google.
What he is saying is OpenOffice Calc is better dealing with comma
separated value format.

CSV is a human readable format but vim will not format it for you. I
guess you're familiar with Excel, OpenOffice Calc,KDE's Kspread,
looking at the past, Borland Quattro, I don't know, maybe Lotus 1-2-3
from DOS times? All of the modern spreadsheet implementations will
handle CSV files, in and out.

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