Cloning a disk pt3

Ash Wyllie ashw at
Sun Oct 17 13:43:32 UTC 2010

Partial success!!

There I was looking at a Ubuntu-9.04 live cd, and I thought: why not?

I booted from it, and the copy option was un ghosted.

I made a new USB drive from the cd, and the copy option was there as well.

I did the copy, and it worked.I setup a swap partition.  I expanded the
partition from 109GB to 228GB and set the boot flag. It didn't boot.

Back to a copy. And it booted.

So now to get expand the partition and make it bootable.
No luck. The expanded partition won't boot.

I'll try a copy and paste to the whole 228GB, let it run over night and update
everyone tomorrow.

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