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Sun Oct 17 11:58:04 UTC 2010

2010/10/16 Waleed Harbi <waleed.harbi at>

> *Hi!*
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> ***Is the kernel & nfsd version releases packages are same on all servers?
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the kernel versions which are used are: 2.6.32-23-server and
2.6.32-25-server (this is the server with the errors).
the nfs releases are the same on the different servers. they all use the
recent lucid nfs-package.

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> Best Wishes,
> Waleed Harbi

2010/10/16 kristau <kristau at>

> On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 1:41 AM, Patrick Hornecker
> <phornecker at> wrote:
> > hi,
> > im using nfs version 3 to export data of several raids over the network.
> the
> > raids are attached to different server which are running ubuntu 10.04.
> the
> > exported raids are using xfs as filesystem.
> > On one server occurs a random freeze of the nfsd. if this happens, the
> > exported raid is not accessable over the network anymore. if a user wants
> to
> > open the directory with his shell, the shell freezes.
> > i haven't found any known bugs or problems, which fit to this problem. do
> > you have any suggestions oder maybe a known fix of this problem?
> > thanks in advance and regards,
> > patrick
> Patrick:
> If all of the hosts are the same, but only one is acting up in this
> manner, I would suspect a hardware or driver issue on the host having
> the problem. Beyond that, try isolating the differences between the
> malfunctioning host and the others.
> If they are all using the same hardware, this should be easy. If the
> hardware is different, then you may try replacing the differing
> hardware. For example, if a working host uses a specific type of RAID
> controller which is different from the host with the issue, try
> changing the malfunctioning host's RAID controller to that brand and
> model.
the hardware for all the server is nearly the same (just some minor
differences, which shouldn't be important). what i've done so far: i've
changed the attached RAID and the error still occurs. i have also changed
the RAID controller...with no effect on the error.

> If all the hardware is the same, try swapping RAID controllers between
> systems to see if the problem follows the RAID controller or stays
> with the system. Make sure the drivers are the same between the two
> systems.
i have done that, but the problem seems not to follow....the problem is the
server, as far as i know by now.

> Again, if this were a general bug in Ubuntu I would expect the problem
> to be the same on all your systems. Since it is only one system acting
> up, I strongly suspect a hardware (most likely), driver (likely), or
> configuration (least likely) issue on that one system.
> Happy hunting and good luck!
> by now i have tried another fix, which i found for nfs freezes. most of the
files written on the RAID are big ( > 10 gb), so i extended the
swap-partition of the server. i recently read that this could help when the
nfs is freezing. by now nothing has freezed :)

thanks for your answers and regards,
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