Any suggestions, please? -UPDATE - BUT NO JOY -- RESOLVED....WELL SORT OF......

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Sun Oct 17 11:11:06 UTC 2010

Basil Chupin wrote:
> On 17/10/2010 20:35, Christopher Chan wrote:
>>> Spent the evening reading RED MARS, had several bottles of wine (maybe
>>> more....can't recall), cried a bit on the pretzels, went to bed.....
>>> Woke up in the middle of the night - and concluded that there is
>>> something wrong with the *power switch* on the Antec case.
>>> After I got up and found the cleanest dirty shirt, I tested the switch
>>> with the multimeter. No sign of life. So I sprayed the switch with CRC
>>> 2-26 - and everything started to work: to whirr and spin and grind,
>>> except for the video card fan[1].
>>> But now I have 2x 120mm and an 80mm fans spinning at full speed 'cause
>>> the psu can't control them like the original (Antec 550watt) psu could -
>>> it all sounds like the Red Baron is revving up for a take-off! :-) . But
>>> I can get mail, I can post, I can browse.... What else is there in life?
>>> [1] In another thread - I think it's in the offtopic list - I mentioned
>>> that I used to lubricate fans with molybdenum past. Well this one was,
>>> but what I discovered is that the paste had hardened (?from heat) and
>>> the fan would not spin. I had to take it apart, clean it and lubricate it.
>> Don't know whether to say Bravo! or ROTL
> I will hold off commenting on the above until you next starting talking 
> about HD operating temperatures......
> :-)
> BC

How about current on the different power rails of a power supply? Let me 
regurgitate how I got a dual Opteron server with 10 disks and 2GB of RAM 
  running on a redundant 350w power supply back in 2004 or so by 
carefully matching power requirements on all the different power rails. 
/me chokes...

ps: I'll bear in mind to check the power switch before I go off to buy 
anything to check suspected failed parts if I run into a won't boot 
situation again.

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