qcad--lost command line

hugh hdixon at bigpond.net.au
Sun Oct 17 01:39:42 UTC 2010

On Sat, 16 Oct 2010 04:01:01 pm Doug wrote:
> I accidentally lost the command-line input.  How do I get it back?
> Even closing and restarting the program doesn't bring it back.
> thanx--doug

Hi Doug,
Silly question:
On my system (qcad 2.0.5) I have a menu item  View/views/command line 
If you select this does it come back?

If that is too obvious there is a file (again on my machine ~ which is not 
running ubuntu <heretic/>)   being ~/.qt/qcadrc

This is a text file, and contains among other things, the window position for 
the command line  (I am thinking the window may be appearing, but outside your 
If you close qcad, rename this file and then restart qcad a new default file 
(with the command line in the default position) should result.

If you feel confident you could have a go at editing the values in your 
existing ~/.qt/qcadrc file, but I would suggest you do a backup of it first!!


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