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Sun Oct 17 00:49:37 UTC 2010

On 17/10/10 00:26, Dennis Reeder wrote:
> I installed 10.10 a couple of days ago on my netbook.  Really like it.  Having been using Mac's since forever.  But Ubuntu may convert me.  Having some very simple issues.
> For example, I am trying to transfer MP3 files from a thumb drive into Ubuntu for the Rhythm Box Music Player.  I assumed that the mp3 files would go into file.  But I can't seem to get them there.  Drag and drop?  Nope.  Import? No...or I am not doing it correctly.  Sure its gotta be something so incredibly simple that I am missing it.

I don't understand exactly what you are trying to do/expect.

If you expect an Itunes-like behaviour, where the program automatically 
imports files from other media in its own directory files, you shouldn't 
expect it, as far as I know. I guess you can simply copy your MP3 files 
into a folder, and play them from that folder.

> I have installed Docky....well yeah I am a Snow Leopard user....and it feels quite familiar.  Now would it be possible to eliminate the column/tower of apps on the left hand side of the desktop?  Would prefer to have the icons for my apps in the dock across the bottom where they can disappear when not being accessed.  Am working with a 10 inch screen so every bit of real estate is valuable.

(no idea since I didn't even know Docky)

> I have been lurking in the background for awhile trying to soak up information.  It's beginning to make more sense now than it did a week ago.

Just continue to do so -it always helps. :)

> Thanks.

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