Virtual Machines

Joao Ferreira gmail joao.miguel.c.ferreira at
Sat Oct 16 22:37:30 UTC 2010

> No. You can install an .iso system (or a CD or DVD)  (Ubuntu, Fedora, 
> Windows, etc) and you can even translate a Virtualbox guset to a vmware 
> guest and vice  versa.
> Joep

I've used VMware Player and VMware Server2 for about 3 years.

More recently I came to a new project where the "law" is VirtualBox and
I started using VirtualBox.

Both systems allow you to make your installs.

My experience up to now is: I've only used fresh installs; several
Linux'es, Sun10, WinXp and Win7 on VMware; several Linux'es and WinXp on

Both allow bridged networking, host-only networking and NAT networking.

I found VMware more professional while VirtualBox seems faster and
easier to use.



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