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On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 1:41 AM, Patrick Hornecker
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> hi,
> im using nfs version 3 to export data of several raids over the network. the
> raids are attached to different server which are running ubuntu 10.04. the
> exported raids are using xfs as filesystem.
> On one server occurs a random freeze of the nfsd. if this happens, the
> exported raid is not accessable over the network anymore. if a user wants to
> open the directory with his shell, the shell freezes.
> i haven't found any known bugs or problems, which fit to this problem. do
> you have any suggestions oder maybe a known fix of this problem?
> thanks in advance and regards,
> patrick


If all of the hosts are the same, but only one is acting up in this
manner, I would suspect a hardware or driver issue on the host having
the problem. Beyond that, try isolating the differences between the
malfunctioning host and the others.

If they are all using the same hardware, this should be easy. If the
hardware is different, then you may try replacing the differing
hardware. For example, if a working host uses a specific type of RAID
controller which is different from the host with the issue, try
changing the malfunctioning host's RAID controller to that brand and

If all the hardware is the same, try swapping RAID controllers between
systems to see if the problem follows the RAID controller or stays
with the system. Make sure the drivers are the same between the two

Again, if this were a general bug in Ubuntu I would expect the problem
to be the same on all your systems. Since it is only one system acting
up, I strongly suspect a hardware (most likely), driver (likely), or
configuration (least likely) issue on that one system.

Happy hunting and good luck!

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