Migrating from WinXP Pro to Ubuntu 10.10

Richard Owlett rowlett at pcnetinc.com
Fri Oct 15 16:48:54 UTC 2010

I'm a senior citizen migrating to *nix whose last formal course 
work used 026's and line printers for I/O. My personal systems 
have progressed from CPM80 (Digital Research) thru Win 3.1 to 
WinXP Pro. Some of my personal preferences are shaped by that.

I have Ubuntu 10.10 up and running in test mode from a USB drive.

My first impression is that the default installation tries to be 
"all things to all people" while NOT supplying some specific 
tools that I want.

I asked essentially these questions on another forum. After 
receiving some generic Linux answers I was pointed to this list.


Can I have a pruned configuration be my typical boot?

Can I modify anything on the test configuration?
   I discovered that on reboot I had lost changes made to desktop.

Can I install to the USB drive *WITHOUT* writing ANYTHING to the 
   Related to my motivation for running the test from USB.


While browsing files available thru the default desktop, one 
seemed to say that internet access via an external RS-232 dial up 
modem was not available with standard drivers. BUT when browsing 
the descriptions of installed software it appeared that pppcfg 
(IIRC) handled that. I'm confused. My modem is a U.S. Robotics 
5686 model 0701 {V.90 56k - yes is old}

I didn't spot any reference to firewalls or ant-virus tools. Is 
that accomplished in a different manner in the Linux world?

I wish to end up with
GUI         - exists
Open Office - exists
Tcl/Tk      - have appropriate executables on CD?
Scilab/SciosLab - will have to download
SeaMonkey   - have strong preference for the suite approach

Thank you.

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