Jordon Bedwell jordon at
Fri Oct 15 01:41:26 UTC 2010

On Thu, 2010-10-14 at 18:17 -0700, NoOp wrote:
> Really? You've not figure out how to use a master password on FireFox?
> Perhaps these will help:
> Mozilla have put considerable effort in securing passwords.

Good job quoting out of context.  Any ways:

First off, I know about the password managers master password, second,
there have been several vulnerabilities to Firefox's master password
over the years. And even though I love Firefox with all my heart, along
with Chrome, I will break that love for a second to prove the point that
you apparently missed the memo about the data leak on Firefox's password
manager, even with password protection.  It was just patched on July
20th of this year, and it's not the first time it's happened.  While
Mozilla did not directly acknowledge in the security notes, they did
acknowledge it's existence.

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