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Thu Oct 14 15:25:03 UTC 2010

On Thu, 14 Oct 2010 15:30:46 +0100
Pope wrote:

> I think the point Basil was making was "What would joe sixpack do in
> this situation?". Would the average Joe get that there's a difference
> between upgrades from LTS->LTS and LTS->Non-LTS?  It's a valid
> question and seems not to be addressed well on the website, hence me
> suggesting a bug should be filed.

This website?

If so, the whole method described is unwieldy.  It refers to
System>Administration>Software Sources
when that step can be completed right from
System>Administration>Update Manager
and the, "Settings," button.

Yep, description bug on the site, I'd say.

BTW, "joe sixpack?"  Isn't that a little insulting?  (that is, if, by
sixpack, one refers to alcoholic beverages (not everybody drinks
alcohol)) And, if it refers to a strong abdomen, does it really
represent the great untutored mass of humanity? I think, "no."

Maybe, "Joe Average," or, "Joe Normal," or, "Joe regular," might be
better and not tend to identify /you/, the 'speaker,' as a (US) Tea
Party member.
(which identification would, in itself, be off-putting for many USians,
not to mention rest-of-the-worlders)

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