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Thu Oct 14 12:58:44 UTC 2010

On 14/10/2010 23:00, Alan Pope wrote:
> On 14 October 2010 12:49, Basil Chupin<blchupin at>  wrote:
>> OK, here I am, a total newbie, I read on the 'net that Ubuntu is the
>> "ants pants"and installed Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS ("What the heck does LTS
>> mean!?") - and then read in *the Inquirer* that 10.10 has been released.
> Google + Ubuntu + Upgrade + I'm feeling Lucky =
> Al.

Of course! <hits forehead with baseball bat>

Why didn't I think of this.

OK, alright already, no more "the funny stuff" or attempts at sarcasm or 

I did what some guru here suggested a while back which was to select 
"Normal Releases" and not the "Long Term Support Releases only" in 
Software Sources.

OK, I did this, and have had my 10.04 upgraded to 10.04.1 by Update Manager.

Then Update Manager has been telling me over the past days hat there is 
a version upgrade (to 10.10).

I mentioned in another post (different thread) of what I was "told" by 
the Update Manager when I went to use it to upgrade my 10.04.1 to 10.10.

I read your post (above) and thought, "What WOULD happen if I was a 
normal user and simply followed orders like a good soldier"?

So I went into Source Manager and altered the selected "Normal Release" 
to "Long Term support release only".

I then ran Update Manager again.

The result is shown on this screen capture:

*NO* mention of any available upgrade to the OS.

Now, how does this gell with the above link you provided which states-

   1. Start System/Administration/Update Manager.

      Click the *Check* button to check for new updates.


      If there are any updates to install, use the *Install Updates*
      button to install them, and press *Check* again after that is

   4. A message will appear informing you of the availability of the new

      Click *Upgrade*.

   6. Follow the on-screen instructions.


Quite apart from this, how would a "newbie" even know that the above 
link is available?

Oh, you want to see what Upload Manager shows when I have "Normal 
Releases" selected instead of 'Long Term support releases only"?

Just simply asking.


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