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Basil Chupin blchupin at
Thu Oct 14 11:49:07 UTC 2010

On 14/10/2010 21:44, Colin Law wrote:
> On 14 October 2010 11:33, Basil Chupin<blchupin at>  wrote:
>> On 14/10/2010 20:39, Tom H wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> I don't see what your problem is.
>>> The OP asked how he could upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 at the CLI and I answered.
>>> Jordon objected to some extra typing and Marius objected to being careful/unixy.
>> And you don't see any problem with any of this?
>> A person, a newbie, just installed 10.04, say, last month and now wants
>> to upgrade to 10.10 which is available.
> A newbie is not likely to ask how to upgrade via the command line,
> which was the whole point of the question I think.
> Colin

Ah, OK.

So how *IS* s/he likely to upgrade the system?

Please, pray tell.

OK, here I am, a total newbie, I read on the 'net that Ubuntu is the 
"ants pants"and installed Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS ("What the heck does LTS 
mean!?") - and then read in *the Inquirer* that 10.10 has been released.

10.10 sounds like the latest, bestest, to be used. What now? What do I 
do to upgrade to 10.10?

Oh, I know.....I think I saw (I'm not totally out of my mind, you know) 
something which showed, "Update Manager". I click on that and.....I see 
nothing. Oh dear.... :-( .

It's not until weeks later that I discover that I should have selected 
"Normal Releases" in my 'Software Sources' :-( .

BUT, I am even - or at least consider myself to be (grandeurs of 
delusions run in the family..) - a somewhat intelligent persona (an IQ 
is above the size of my shoe size!)[1] - and have read the Ubuntu 
Documentation on how to upgrade. So I then find that I am faced with 
something which appears to be conflicting command line instructions to 
execute to get this upgrade done.

But hold on, you did say that a newbie is not likely to ask how to 
upgrade via a command line?

But isn't this the only choice s/he is given from the online Ubuntu 

I think I'll take a short vacation at this point :-D .


[1] Two Aussie blokes are in the pub talking. One of them asks the 
other, "What does it mean when someone has an IQ of 110?". The other 
replies, "Well, it would mean that you would be a pretty smart bloke!". 
"Oh, OK. But what would it mean then if you had an IQ of 10?", asks the 
other. "Well that would mean that you wouldn't even be able to tie your 
shoe laces.", responds the other. "Ah, is that why most Aussie blokes 
wear thongs?"

There comes a time in the affairs of a man when he has to take the bull by the tail and face the situation.
                          W C Fields

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