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AV3 arvimide at
Wed Oct 13 21:22:35 UTC 2010

On Oct/13/2010 1:1530 PM, Doug Saylor wrote:
> I always prefer a fresh install over an upgrade. With Pan, the set-up
> is simple. I'm STILL having trouble, I keep getting:
> Unable to connect to "":
> 481 Invalid username or password
> Pan is now offline. Please see "File|Event Log" and correct the
> problem, then use "File|Work Online" to continue.
> I've gone ahead&  signed into earthlink with my user name&  password,
> so I know it's correct. "" is correct. I've
> tried Googling&  I've made absolutly sure everything was entered
> correctly. I'm still stuck. HELP!?


I guess you are a legacy user of newsgroups courtesy of a long-time 
relationship with Earthlink, like me. Actually, Earthlink gave up its 
own news service and gives us legacy clients a text-only limited 
subscription to another news provider,, IIRC. They 
changed my access address some time ago to, so you 
might try that. I don't know about different subscription provisions 
outside the U. S.

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