modem question

Doug dmcgarrett at
Wed Oct 13 02:45:00 UTC 2010

On 10/12/2010 09:16 PM, Linda wrote:
> I have a  modem set up I use at work where I dial in so I can fix things
> on the network from home. All machines have 8.04.4  LTS, the dialing
> machine uses kermit and the answering machine uses mgetty. The last few
> weeks I have been having trouble with incredibly slow file transfer
> speeds. If I have them shut off the modem and turn it back on the
> transfer speed is back to normal. We changed to a new fax machine which
> shares the line during the same time period.
> My thoughts are if the new fax were causing the problem, shutting off
> the modem and turning it back on should not change the situation. Yet
> the timing leaves me wondering.
> So do you think the external modem I am calling into is dying or should
> I be looking into other possibilities?
>                    Thanks
>                     Linda
Why not unplug the fax machine and then try it, instead of unplugging
the modem?  That ought to answer your questinon in a hurry.  If this is
a medical fax, put the old one back on line for a few days.

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