copy dvd to iso

Adam Funk a24061 at
Tue Oct 12 19:51:23 UTC 2010

On 2010-10-12, Thierry de Coulon wrote:

> On Tuesday 12 October 2010, Brian Hazelton wrote:
>> Hey,
>> I read somewhere that you can copy a dvd to an iso image for backup
>> purposes with ubuntu, I have the menu option but it is greyed out. Can
>> anyone tell me if i need a certain package or if it is because the dvd
>> can somehow disable the feature? I would just like to know why I cant
>> copy it?
> I did that with k9copy under KDE on Mepis (Debian based, KDE 3.5). Given that 
> k9copy probably uses available libraries, I guess there should be some Gnome 
> equivalent.
> My Ubuntu install is still experimental so I'll have to look there for a 
> solution. Look in Synaptics / Multimedia what's available.
> Anyway, if your DVD is crypted, you'll nees libdvdcss which is not included in 
> the standard install because it's more or less illegal in many countries.

It's easy to install from Medibuntu though.  :-)

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