GUI in 10.10?

Doug dmcgarrett at
Tue Oct 12 16:15:01 UTC 2010

On 10/12/2010 3:45 AM, Colin Law wrote:
> On 12 October 2010 05:26, Doug<dmcgarrett at>  wrote:
>> Is the upgrade going to change my GUI? If so, how?
>> (Most likely, if it does, I won't.)
> What aspects of the GUI are you asking about?  Do you mean the Ubuntu
> themes or the desktop menus or specific applications or what?
> Also it is difficult to say what changes you may see if we don't know
> which version you are contemplating upgrading from?
> I suggest you download the cd image, burn it and boot off it.  You can
> then try 10.10 without affecting your PC setup (it will be slow of
> course running of CD).
> Colin
I suppose that this is the logical approach.  Specifically, I have
10.04.1.  I have taken advantage of the opportunity to right-click
on menu items and move them to the desk-top as icons, ala Windows,
and I have followed the various directions to get the full-size, 
shrink-size, and store in systray dinguses moved from upper left of
the window to upper right, where they belong, and I have made the
thing work on single-click, as most other Linuxes do, and as I
have made Windows (XP and 7) do.  If any of that doesn't work anymore, I 
don't want the upgrade.  Perhaps someone knows, and will post the 
results.  If I have to find out the hard way, _I_ will post the results.


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