Oops - panel gone!

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Tue Oct 12 14:54:24 UTC 2010

On 10-10-12 10:36 AM, chiaowl wrote:
> nd if that's the case, is right-clicking on the empty panel and choosing from the menus the only way to do that? Because I don't see how to put the Applications, Places, and Systems menus back into their rightful place, if it is.

Yes, unfortunately, you will have to create a new panel from scratch.

Right click on your existing bottom panel and choose New Panel.  That 
should create a new panel at the top by default.  Right click on the new 
empty panel and select "Add to Panel"

 From the list, you want to add:  "Menu Bar," (that contains your 
Applications, Places and System).  "Notification Area," "Indicator 
Applet,"  "Clock," and "User Switcher."  Once they are all on your 
panel, you can right click on them to "move" them as you like.  
(usually, all the items I mentioned other than Menu bar are place to the 
far right.)  The notification area can be tricky to see and move.  In 
theory, it has a 'handle' you right click on, but the handle can be hard 
to see, especially on the new Ambiance theme.  It looks like 3 1mm long 
dashes in a small column.  Indicator Applet is what will contain your 
sound volume speaker icon and messaging envelope icon.

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