Dualboot with Truecrypted Win7 and Ubuntu 10.04(ext4)

Nicolas Kopp nkopp2s at smail.inf.h-brs.de
Tue Oct 12 09:46:43 UTC 2010

Hey everyone,

I have got the following partition setup:

where sda2 is a fully crypted windows and sda5 a not crypted ubuntu
installation. Truecrypt bootloader overwrote Grub2, which I knew before,
but unfortunaly I'm now quite unsure how to fix my boot setup in a way
that will work. When I now start up, truecrypt bootloader shows up and I'm
able to boot Windows with no problems. I've read Grub1 is able to
chainload Truecrypt, but is not able to handle ext4 out of the Box.
Another way would be to install grub2 to sda5 (if possible) and then
access grub2 bei pressing ESC in the Truecrypt bootloader. I'm not that
expreienced with Ubuntu and Grub and I've read many that sometimes
contradict. It would be very nice if someone could have a look on my
partition setup and give a short setp-by-step tutorial how to set up a
proper dualboot-loader.


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