10.04 LTS system locking when viewing Flash content

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk
Tue Oct 12 05:06:04 UTC 2010

On Tuesday, October 12, 2010 12:57 PM, Anthony Papillion wrote:
> On Tue, 2010-10-12 at 00:18 -0400, Ric Moore wrote:
>> On Mon, 2010-10-11 at 22:53 -0500, Anthony Papillion wrote:
>>> Hello Everyone,
>>> For some reason, when I'm viewing Flash content, after a while, my
>>> computer will freeze and then a gray and white stripped screen will come
>>> up, requiring a reboot. This usually only happens when I'm viewing Flash
>>> content.
>> You didn't mention the type of browser you use. 32bit or 64bit install?
>> Which Ubuntu version? Ric
> Hi Ric,
> Sorry about that. I'm using the 32 bit versions of both Firefox and
> Chromium on 10.04 LTS 32 bit. It's almost like some kind of buffer is
> reaching a capacity and erroring out.  I know that's not it but still
> odd.

You did not mention what graphics chip and driver you are using. For it 
to take out the computer and leave you with a gray and white screen is 
almost certainly driver related.

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