NTFS & modifying Global Menu bar in UNE 10.10

Doug Saylor absdoug at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 21:00:12 UTC 2010

Googled the heck outta both of these problems.

I've got an ntfs partition I use for all my files (I haven't gotten
around to do this the better dynamic link way) so I can access
everything from XP as well. I was running 9.10 UNR with "ntfs-config"
which crashes in 10.10... I found a site that mentioned this to be a a
bug. I'm not coming from 10.04 UNE (I had trouble with torrents), but
recall the brief time spent with 10.04 that ntfs-config was
unnecessary & my ntfs partition showed up out of the box, but I'm
fuzzy on this. I'm tempted to revisiting setting up right, "dynamic
links", as I recall... but that might be biting off more than I can
chew right now?

Global Menu bar... boy I feel dumb on this one. I spent a LONG time
trying to figure out myself looking for the setting. I've Googled for
HOURS. I see lots of info about the bar, how to install the bar for
testing, why the bar is great... I did figure out how to delete from
the bar... how the heck do you ADD to the bar!? Boy it bet it's easy &
the how I can't find a web page on this I don't know, sorry to bother
on this!

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