a couple of things I should already know

Doug Robinson dkrr at telus.net
Mon Oct 11 16:31:20 UTC 2010

Hello one and all

    I am setting up a ubuntu system for a friend & I need to make several
features work that I do not use on my  own system.

1) mounting removable file systems. I use flash drives a lot & they work 
just fine.
However I cannot figure out how to make iso9660 cds | dvds mount. I get 
only and entry for
k3b, which is nice but not what I need in this instance. Movies work but 
not, say, a cd filled
with html.

2) I seem to have forgotten how to determine what version of ubuntu &| 
currently have installed. When you whine about features, everybody wants 
to know
what version you are running and ...

thank you for your time


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