[10.10] FGLRX + Dual Monitor

Chris Jeffries chris at candm.org.uk
Mon Oct 11 15:46:10 UTC 2010

>         For once I need some help :(, hope ya'll can help me. Anyways,
>         I know
>         FGLRX is horribly fail on 10.10 right now [for those of us
>         with newer
>         cards at least], because of major regression, but I was
>         wondering
>         anybody got multi-monitor situations working?
>         I tried it with CCC, had to remove xorg.conf and reset
>         everything,
>         because CCC is not ready for this version [this is actually
>         regression
>         from the RC but I haven't had time to back track what changed]
>         and I
>         can't get it to work with "Monitors" in preferences even
>         though
>         xorg.conf does in-fact have the multi-screen resolution :/.
I may be stating something you already tried - but just in case....

I found that before going dual monitor, I had to ramp down the
resolution, then it seemed to work ok. If I left it at the default
laptop resolution - I was lost with a screen of mush. 1024x768 worked
for me as I recall.

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