could not calculate the upgrade

Tapas Mishra mightydreams at
Mon Oct 11 12:08:37 UTC 2010

On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 4:18 PM, Colin Law <clanlaw at> wrote:
> On 11 October 2010 11:41, Alan Pope <alan at> wrote:
>> On 11 October 2010 11:11, Tapas Mishra <mightydreams at> wrote:
>>> What do I need to do now?
>> Quoting from your mail:-
>> "If none of this applies, then please report this bug against the
>> 'update-manager' package and include the files in
>> /var/log/dist-upgrade/ in the bug report."

>> Which you can do by typing this command:-
>> ubuntu-bug update-manager
Ok just wanted to know if this unreasonable crash of update has not
harmed my system in any way.

> @Tapas - I know from previous posts that you have been experimenting
> with various versions.  Only submit a bug if the version you were
> attempting to upgrade from was _really_ 10.04 and not a messed up
> system.  In that case I suspect you would need to re-install.
Yes this week when you saw my messages after all these experiments I
had done a clean re install of 10.04 and then I
tried this when I reported this message.

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