[ubuntu-uk] Pages not loading in Ubuntu 10.10

Basil Chupin blchupin at iinet.net.au
Mon Oct 11 09:14:14 UTC 2010

On 11/10/2010 19:58, Colin Law wrote:
> On 11 October 2010 09:42, John Matthews<jakewc2 at sky.com>  wrote:
>> On 11/10/10 07:58, Colin Law wrote:
>>> It is not his own site, his initial question was worded slightly
>>> ambiguously. He said that he 'had a page' that failed, but did not
>>> mean that it was his own site.
>>> But you are right that the fundamental problem may be the invalid
>>> html. Â The new version of the renderer may be interpreting the html
>>> differently. Â The OP should contact the site admin and point out the
>>> errors on the site.
>>> Colin
>> If that is the cawse, why is it some people can view it in the same versions
>> of Ubuntu and the FF and Chrome, and I cant as is being pointed out here.
> I am not sure that is the case.  I think you said it is ok on FF
> 3.6.10 but not 3.6.12pre.  Is that correct.  If so has anyone else
> tried it on 3.6.12pre (Is that sufficient id?  What does it say in
> Help About?).   I don't think you have told us which version of
> google-chrome you are using (assuming it is google-chrome and not
> Chromium).  What does that say in Help About.  Also have you disabled
> all add-ons?  (Apologies if I have got something wrong, the thread is
> getting rather long).
> Colin

Whoa! Hold it! Stop the world!

I have not seen any message from John Matthews with the Subject of 
"Pages not loading in Ubuntu 10.10" in this list - except for the one to 
which I am now responding.

What's going on, Squire? :-)

Why am I losing messages?


Went to a discount massage parlour the other day. Wasn't 'til I paid me money that I found out that it was self-service.

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