what is the minimum size of the /boot partition in ubuntu

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Sat Oct 9 13:44:36 UTC 2010

user1 wrote:
> For years I have used a /boot partition of 100 mb, but now I cannot
> upgrade my software packages in ubuntu lucid 10.04, as I get the
> message that my /boot partition is to small.

Maybe you should remove some old kernels?

> I use to have as a minimum 2 following ubuntu versions (9.10 and
> 10.04 just now) installed and running on my harddisk each of
> following partition sizes:
> /boot = 100 mb
> and
> / = 30 gb
> So Now I will have to resize both partitions, in order not to have to
> resize all the other partitions which I use.
> So, what will the correct minimum size of the /boot partition for the
> future be?  :-)

There is no "correct minimum size". It depends on what "future" means to 
you (1 year? 20 years?) and how many kernels you want to keep for each 
version. There may be other factors as well.

Considering that on my machine (10.04, 64 bit) there are 35MB in /boot 
for two kernels, I would suggest to use at least 4 times that amount, 
i.e. 140MB. OTOH, Alan is probably right: Drop the /boot partition 
entirely - then you don't have to resize anything now or in the furure. 
(unless you really need the 100MB).


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