[Resolved] Re: [ping seanh] Re: log in problem

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Tue Oct 5 18:19:16 UTC 2010

On 10/05/2010 10:52 AM, Ash Wyllie wrote:
> NoOp opined
>>Correction: I just noticed that the above wasn't sufficiently clear;
>>delete the the ashw-laptop.ful files:
>>19745124        /var/backup/2010-02-01_04.00.04.089058.ashw-laptop.ful
>>18457968        /var/backup/2010-01-01_04.00.02.470647.ashw-laptop.ful
>>14512312        /var/backup/2009-12-01_04.00.02.836814.ashw-laptop.ful
>>12292536        /var/backup/2009-12-01_04.00.02.512045.ashw-laptop.ful
>>4981412         /var/backup/2009-09-23_23.15.22.379967.ashw-laptop.ful
>>*Do Not* delete /var backup itself, *only* the ashw-laptop.ful files.
> That gotit!!
> Thank you.

Excellent! Now, do yourself a favour and fix your backup program so that
it doesn't send backups to your /var/backup folder.

Also install ncdu:

$ sudo apt-get install ncdu

That way if it happens again you'll have an easy way to find your
largest files from the console. See:
Experiment with it now so that you'll be familiar with the application
in the future.

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