difference between "do-release-upgrade" and "apt-get dist-upgrade"

Basil Chupin blchupin at iinet.net.au
Tue Oct 5 06:38:50 UTC 2010

On 05/10/2010 15:26, Christopher Chan wrote:
> On Tuesday, October 05, 2010 12:17 PM, Jordon Bedwell wrote:
>> On Tue, 2010-10-05 at 12:15 +0800, Christopher Chan wrote:
>>> Will you please stop reminding me that I need to make a decision about
>>> my desktop at home?
>> You don't need to, you could always just manually backport.  The
>> keywords are and always will be Ubuntu no longer supports it, doesn't
>> mean you have to stop supporting it :P
> You are very mean Jordan.
> Must resist urge to contemplate maintaining Jaunty on me own...

Just hang in there for another 5 days - 10.10 will be released next Sunday.

Or you can install RC1 right now. I have. Damn good. No hiccups. (But I 
always do a clean install...)

Even plays every DVD I throw at it - "right out of the box"! No more of 
that installing additional stuff - just simply answer YES to the 
question if you want 3rd party apps to be installed during the installation.

Boots fast. Shuts down fast.

Ubuntu gets better and better at every release.

(Only slight question remaining is what NoOp mentioned last week that he 
had trouble with no wifi with the pre-RC1, but he did provide a 
solution; as I have no need for wifi I didn't follow-up on what he wrote.)

Maverick 10.10 - go for it!


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