about new release which will be on 10th Oct

Amedee Van Gasse (ub) amedee-ubuntu at amedee.be
Mon Oct 4 15:01:17 UTC 2010

On Mon, October 4, 2010 16:38, Tapas Mishra wrote:

>> you'll need to edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and set
>> Prompt=normal
> Ok is this step necessary as I understand from your message when
> officially 10.10 will be released
> this would be needed.
> I have set it prompt=never

I'm going to be blunt. Meerkat is Beta software. Beta means that it can
explode in your face. If you are going to play with it, you'd better
follow the instructions exactly as described on the Ubuntu website. Please
do not argue with that.

If you do something different, then you are on your own and your only
option will be to format and reinstall.

Please read this for more info:

> What does do-release-upgrade do ?

do-release-upgrade does a lot of things that apt-get dist-upgrade doesn't do:

1. It makes backups of all your /etc/apt/sources.list and
/etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list files
2. It disables all third party sources.
3. It changes all Ubuntu sources from lucid to maverick
4. It handles all system configuration changes that are sometimes needed
between releases. apt-get dist-upgrade *does NOT do this* !!!
5. It downloads, installs, upgrades and removes all required packages.

I'll give you another example.
Suppose that the current release uses "foo" as the default email client,
and the next release uses "bar". "bar" is a much better program than

do-release-upgrade will see that "foo" is installed, install "bar", and
configure it as the default mail client. The first time that you run "bar"
it will ask you if you want to import your old data from "foo".

apt-get dist-upgrade will just upgrade "foo 1.0" to "foo 1.1". You won't
get the benefits from the new "bar" program until you install it manually.


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