grubby details of grub2

Kevin O'Gorman kogorman at
Sun Oct 3 21:12:16 UTC 2010

I'm running Lucid on my laptop, and have been transported into the grub2
reality.  At least I think so because
of the huge changes in /boot/grub/.  I no longer understand much of it.

Somewhat to my amazement I got it working.  I even dual boot to Vista.
Problem is that I want to change
where that Vista entry appears in the menu, and I have NO clue.  I heard
that menu.lst no longer exists,
and that configuration now goes in grub.cfg.  Then I notice the warning not
to touch that file because it's
automatically generated.  I find myself unable to sort out the layers of the
new setup.

Since all I ordinarily use is the first Linux entry and the Vista entry, I'd
like to move Vista up to the top or second
spot.  That's it.  I figure it might take me a day to figure this out, but
free days are hard to come by and I'm
hoping somebody can give me a short recipe.

Thanks in advance....

Kevin O'Gorman, PhD
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