Advise on motherboard purchase

David Fletcher dave at
Sat Oct 2 09:16:38 UTC 2010

On Saturday 02 October 2010 03:41:30 Doug wrote:
> AAMOF, I did try a tool very similar to a Dremel, with lackluster
> results. The plastic tends to sort of melt, and clogs the tools.
> No matter what you do, you wind up cutting by hand and filing a lot.
> --doug

I've got a couple of Proxxon tools. The miniature one, similar to a Dremel, 
still spins too fast for cutting thermoplastic even at minimum RPM, and just 
ends up melting it onto the cutter tip rather than cutting it.

The other tool is the DC milling motor. This one fits into what looks like a 
high quality drill stand with a micrometer raise/lower facility on a dovetail 
slide and an X-Y table. This machine DOES run slowly enough for cutting 
thermoplastic. I've not used it much with this material, but had success with 
a miniature router bit intended for cutting wood. I use tungsten end mills 
for cutting metal but I think the helical flutes tend to drag flexible 
materials such as thermoplastic upwards as they cut, especially if the 
material is thin. The straight edges of a router bit don't do this.

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