TalkTalk + Huawei HG521 + Ubuntu 10.04.01 i386 + misery, ANY IDEAS?

David Fletcher dave at
Sat Oct 2 08:44:39 UTC 2010

On Saturday 02 October 2010 00:35:49 r wrote:
> modem is showing up, but I CANNOT use the internet.
> thus it seems the USB wireless dongle is functioning, but there is
> a problem connecting to the Huawei HG521 wireless modem.
> according to the iwconfig output given below it seems the
> wireless dongle is communicating with the Huawei, but
> when I give the network name + password + select WPA+WPA2 Personal
> I cannot use the internet from Firefox.
> Any ideas why?
> any ideas what I should do?

I'm going to dive in here to offer a suggestion to try.

For starters do you get an IP address from the router? If yes try putting that 
address into firefox, replacing the last number with a 1 i.e. put something 
like this:-
into the firefox address bar, which if it works like mine should give you a 
web page generated by your router.

You can also try
which should give you

which should give you

I'm seeing if attempting to bypass DNS gives you a web site.

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