Request update to November 2008 - LaunchPad #303032... want to help...

Barry Smith bnsmith001 at
Sat Oct 2 01:30:57 UTC 2010

Disclaimer: I recently had to format my Windoze hard drive after a
virus attack and lost 300 Gig of historical data.
I took that as a sign that so I should get off the fence, and finally
take the TOTAL plunge into Ubuntu.
I have administered Unix boxes in the past, but there are things I
have never seen in Ubuntu and Linux... so please be fairly literate
and don't skip steps. :)
I am starting to get comfortable building packages, but I ALWAYS look
online for a how-to, so that I have some guidance if I need it. :)

With that out of the way...

I am having the same problem, well similar (VLC crashes playing AVI
when going Fullscreen or above 150%).
See .

How do I help? --
o  What logs or AVI file info is needed?
o  How do I inspect an AVI for codec info?
o  What info from lshw or lspci would help?

Is there an update to this problem/solution?
I saw no updates at , besides
that "this bug is beyond VLC."

If I have to convert the AVI resolution, how so?

I don't mind helping... especially when I can't seem to find more
up-to-date info than Nov 2008 - "this bug is beyond VLC".

Oh yeah... I'm running 8.04 (hardy), 2.6.24-28-rt, GNOME 2.22.3.
I tried to install 10.4 LTS, but I had no audio. ;)

Barry Smith
h 843-332-1369
c 704-497-4217
e bnsmith001 at

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