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Fri Oct 1 20:59:41 UTC 2010

On 01-Oct-10 16:51:06 Franz Waldmüller wrote:

>I am about to assemble a new PC as my really old ones are dying. I don't 
>like to buy a new machine every two years that is why I am looking for 
>some "future proof" components.

I built a PC about a year ago, and one problem I found out after 

assembling was that the motherboard had a huge amount of USB on

the motherboard, but the tower only had a few sockets.

Most of the USB couldnt be utilized, these are the sockets which

connect to the ones at the front of the tower.

Unless someone knows how to utilize these.

USB3 is the main reason I need to upgrade also, as it seems to need

a PCIexpress card, but the current motherboard has just 1 PCI express

slot used by the graphics card.

I like the transparent tower cases, as there is more light for making

changes, less need for a torch. Also they look cool with neon light

>The PC should work with ubuntu without any additional configuration.
>One of the components which I could not decide yet is the mainboard.
>At the moment this mainboard is my favorite choice:

>I am going to explain my thoughts and needs:
>-) I want to use *ECC memory* which reduced my choice to AMD-CPUs and 
>ASUS motherboards (Intel only supports ECC in it's Xenon-CPUs)

>-) I want an *IGP* as I don't have a need for a dedicated video card. 
>GIMP, Inkscape and some video-editing are the most demanding 
>applications I am currently using. The don't use GPU-acceleration, yet.
>The IGP of this motherboard is an Radeaon HD 4290 GPU. This should be 
>fine for using Compiz and watching movies. At them moment I have the 
>impression that AMD/ATI is contributing more to the development of open 
>source drivers, which I intend to use. And that the Radeon HD 4290 is 
>the best IGP available. I don't use the PC to play games.

>-) USB3.0 and SataIII are nice features of this motherboard, too.

>Of special interest would be any feedback related to ACPI. I intend to 
>use ubuntu 10.04LTS as I need a stable system. If some components need 
>ubuntu 10.10 I could use this version as well.

>Thanks for your help!

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