usb keyboard (OT)

Doug dmcgarrett at
Fri Oct 1 19:31:04 UTC 2010

On 10/1/2010 5:06 AM, Vaibhav Dalvi wrote:
> I've had quite some experience with keyboards. And I hate the modern
> keyboards. There's just not as much feedback, keys feel stuck, the
> button don't click at all and half the time you need to bang them in
> order to get something on the screen. I've a Very Old TVS PS2 keyboard
> for my PC (a celeron 2.53GHz on an Intel 845Mainboard and 256MB RAM) at
> home and it's awesome. The feedback is right, keys move like knife in
> butter. The sweet sound of the keys hitting the base is like music on my
> ears. And I've been using it for last 6yrs. And I picked it up in a
> secondhand shop. So that's easily more than 10yrs. I wish I could get
> one of them in USB.
> Oh looks like I can. Well
> going to give it a try.

You'd probably like my old IBM model M keyboards. I've got two of them,
one on the Windows machine, one on the Linux machine.  No Microsoft
keys--who needs 'em--but what glorious action!  Never made in usb, 
AFAIK, but cords for PS2 and the old big k/b connectors. I got both of
mine at the old Trenton Computer Fair, no doubt used then, and I've had
them both at least 12 years, and they'll probably still be working
perfectly when I'm dead, if some idiot doesn't throw them out!

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