Silent inexpensive graphics cards

David Fletcher dave at
Tue Nov 30 20:46:58 UTC 2010

Heads it's an ATI, tails it's an nVidia.

Heads came up.

It's off the original topic of my thread, but, I'm going for an Asus
motherboard because
a) The Asus board in this PC has been working perfectly for over 3 years
(as it damn well should be but I have another one from a well known
manufacturer of microprocessors that started going wrong in a shorter
period than this)
b) Asus is apparently using superior capacitors. I've seen tales of woe
about electrolytics going pop on motherboards. Not had it happen to me
yet but if I can take precautions I will.

So, ebuyer has an Asus manufactured HD 4350 silent, PCI-e 2 which I'm
putting on my order.

There is a GeForce 6200 board available but I'd prefer to stick with
Asus and maybe get the same quality level as the motherboard.

Thanks, everybody, for all your trouble and your advice.


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