Changing "workgroup" connecting to windows shares

Patton Echols p.echols at
Mon Nov 29 22:51:38 GMT 2010

I had an Odd problem today.  I was connected to my home network before 
leaving for work.  The server shares via Samba and the workgroup is 
named "home."  All the files were closed but nautilus was still showing 
connected to the samba share when I put it to sleep.

Once at my office, I successfully woke up the computer and wicd obtained 
an address on the LAN.  But when attempting to connect to the share on 
my work computer (WinXP) Nautilus could not see any of the work groups 
that share the LAN. My assumption is that nautilus had cached the 
workgroup settings, but I could not find a way to make it start over.

Eventually I had to log out of my desktop and log back on.  When 
restarting nautilus, it then worked fine. 

Does anyone know a way to tell Nautilus to start from scratch?

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