How to identify where messages come from on a small LAN

Chris G cl at
Sun Nov 28 15:50:55 UTC 2010

We have a small SoHo LAN with two Ubuntu 10.04 server machines, a backup
NAS (not running Ubuntu) and two or three desktop machines (some of
which, being laptops, come and go).

All mail from anwhere on the LAN is identified as being from the domain because it's behind a NAT router and that's the domain name as
seen from outside.

Messages to root, postmaster and other 'system' addresses on all the
machines are sent to me (chris at via settings in the /etc/aliases
file on each machine.

So far so good, it all works OK but there is one problem, it's not
always clear where a status/error mail message has come from because the
original addressee (root at serverx for example) is changed to
chris at by the aliasing.

Can anyone suggest a way around this problem?

Chris Green

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