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NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 22 21:05:12 UTC 2010

On 11/19/2010 02:21 AM, Arthur Bela wrote:
> i can recursively zip a folder with password with:
> zip -re some-folder.zip some-folder/
> but how can i "encrypt" the filenames in the zip file? cause i can see
> them, i just only can't extract them!
> or there isn't any way? 7-zip under windows can do it :O
> ubuntu 10.10
> Thank you for any answer!

Might I suggest an alternate? You already have seahorse installed
(System|Preferences|Password and Encryption Keys). Install
'seahorse-plugins' and that will provide you with the ability to create
a pgp key.

$ sudo apt-get install seahorse-plugings

Log out & log back in.

You can then use Nautilus to right-click a file or subfolder and
encrypt/decrypt using pgp. To encrypt a folder, right-click, select
'Encrypt', select your key, click ok. Now select 'Encrypt packed
together in a package - select your pref of .zip, tar.gz, etc. and click
OK. Seahorse will: 1) zip/tar/etc the folder (unencrypted), and 2)
create encrypted .pgp of the folder. To decrypt the .pgp file, right
click, select 'Decrypt', enter your key passphrase, click ok.

You can also use the cli:

*Warning* once you've created a pgp key *remember* your passphrase, as
there is no way to go back and show you the passphrase if you've
forgotten it. Also, practice on a few files/folders first! Otherwise you
might end up with an encrypted file/folder that you can't decrypt.
I think you'll find that to be convenient & considerably more secure
than simple zip.

You might also want to look into truecrypt.

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