Asus EeePC 1005PG and Linux

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Sat Nov 20 11:47:19 UTC 2010

Hey All,

I went to my mobile carrier customer service to get a mobile Internet plan
for my line and got an Asus 1005PG (built in 3G GPRS modem) as a "gift"
(included as part of the monthly payment).

I wasn't able to find any information regarding this model's compatibility
with Linux (or Ubuntu, for that matter).

Any of of has experience with this specific model? With installing Ubuntu on
it? More importantly - using the built in 3G modem?

My other question is in regard of the pre-installed Windows 7 (Starter
Edition, I think) and the Linux based fast boot OS that comes with their
latest models. I forget it's name:

Should I wipe out all the existing partitions and use the whole hard drive
for Ubuntu 10.04 UNR? or

Should I dual boot with Windows 7 and leave the Recovery Mode partition

I despise Microsoft prudocts and can't even stand the site of them (had bad
experience (data loss) with them in the past and can't stand any of them
since), but the only reasons I can think of for leaving the Windows on it is
for compatibility check, and the obe thing I wasn't able to accomplish with
Linux: upgrade my Nokia's firmware. Not even with VirtualBox - after my
Nokia N97 boots while updating it looses connection with the VM and




Amichai Rotman

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