USB Device loads twice, WTF lucid lynx on lsd

Mark mhullrich at
Sat Nov 20 01:39:02 UTC 2010

On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 4:56 PM, Nick Edwards <nick.z.edwards at> wrote:
> Hrmm, If I pull out the mem card, so it only uses internal memory, plugging
> in does not load up any camera icon, or mount it in gvfs (even though it is
> told to in media/photos)
I'm guessing "it" here refers to the camera, not the flash card....

> but clicking on gtkam, loads the camera normally without locking errors, I
> can access it like I used to, not mounted on gvfs though, this was never a
> problem in 8.04 hardy heron, so it seems something in gvfs gets upset , it
> doesnt see the camera internal, unless it sees the mem card as well, on
> hardy, it used to load up gtkam and inside it i could see both. The problem
> remains, even if I close all those darn camera icons and click on gtkam, it
> wont read it because it can not get lock. Clicking on unmount of one of
> those icons, gets rid of both
> at that point if I start gtkam manually I can load and see everything like i
> used to, is there a  way to blacklist gvfs from touching my camera? Sure it
> means manually loading programs to access it, but at least i can then access
> the retched thing!
I think you mean wretched (a "retched" thing would be something that
was creating by someone retching, which might also apply here :-).

When you get the double gtkam effect, can you work with it if you
dismiss one of them, or do they both disappear?  (Sorry if I forgot,
I've been concentrating on other things for a while.)  If that works,
annoying though it be, wouldn't it just be simpler overall to put up
with it and use it that way?

I have had my own adventures with cameras and flash cards and such,
but I usually get better results using the camera than plugging the
flash card into a reader - sometimes the latter doesn't work at all
(card doesn't register, can't be mounted, doesn't automount, etc.) but
I've always been able to use the camera to make it behave.  What kind
of camera is it?

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