OT: Really wireless (was Re: wireless mouse)

Richard Owlett rowlett at pcnetinc.com
Fri Nov 19 21:30:34 GMT 2010

Ric Moore wrote:
> [snip]
> Showing my mother how to use a computer, she took the mouse, held it in
> mid-air, and waved it at the screen. I guess that would be intuitive for
> a non-computer user, but I cringed anyway.

If her actions weren't logical, why so much effort (read dollars) 
expended on touch screen and pen input systems ;/

  She never used the computer
> as her 2nd husband was afraid she'd go into chat rooms and be
> propositioned, at 75 years old. Heh, maybe he was really afraid she'd
> agree to a meetup.<cackles>   :) Ric

As a senior citizen myself (ie born during meat rationing) the is 
good cause to relatives to be as aware as what seniors are doing 
on the web as we watch out for children:
1. many never had contact with web until introduced to it by
    grand children etc.
2. there are many out there actively exploiting the elderly.
    I have personally seen the flip side of their vulnerability -
    In my 40's I was a church van driver, two nice little old
    ladies thought they were in love with me, one just wrote me
    "love letters and the other announced she was going to elope
     with me.

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