A virus or two

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Fri Nov 19 20:39:36 UTC 2010

On 10-11-19 01:56 PM, Doug Robinson wrote:
> Hello
>      While browsing at the local electronic toy store the topic of
> Linux arose. The man claimed that his linux system has had two viruses
> find their way into his system in the last year.
>      I have not heard much about nor experienced any such attacks on any of
> my linux systems .
>      What is the current state of the virus problem on the generic linux
> system and
> should I become concerned enough to actually do something?

Contrary to some opinions, it's true that malware for Linux does exist.  
However, for a variety of reasons (debate of which I don't think is 
relevant to this list,) it does't tend to spread in the wild very much 
(and most of what does tends to affect Internet connected servers, not 
firewalled Desktop systems.)

If I were to take a stab at the dark about this gentleman and his twice 
infected Linux computer, assuming it's not a malicious lie, I would say, 
he is probably getting those advertisement pop-ups on websites trying to 
trick Windows users that they are infected and need to pay X dollars for 
the virus removal.

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