grub bis (grub-pc and grub 2)

Thierry de Coulon tcoulon at
Fri Nov 19 05:51:00 UTC 2010

While I'm on the grub subject...

My main machine (desktop) had several Linux installs. Ubuntu installed grub 2. 
I could then apt-get remove it, apt-get-install grub, etc...

My laptop only has one Ubuntu installed. When I wanted to remove grub 2, it 
said there was no grub 2 installed. I found out "grub-pc" was installed. if I 
try to remove it, it automatically wants to install grub legacy... but there 
is no stage 1... so I tried to ramove grub-legacy to reinstall it... and then 
the system want's to reinstall grub-pc.

On one side it seems grub 2 and grub-pc are the same thing, but synaptics and 
apt-get clearly see them as two different packages that behave differently.

Which brings again the question if users, at least in an alternate install, 
should not be able to choose at install time which bootloader they want.


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