How do I install g++ 4.5 on ubuntu 10.10?

Mark mhullrich at
Fri Nov 19 01:01:42 UTC 2010

On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 4:12 PM, K. Frank <kfrank29.c at> wrote:
> Hi Ric -
> Well, here's one example:
> I right click on:
>   gcc-4.5_4.5.1-10ubuntu1_i386.deb
> and select "Open With Ubuntu Software Center."
> Ubuntu Software Center displays the message:
>   Dependency is not satisfiable: gcc-4.5-base (= 4.5.1-10ubuntu1)
This tells me that the 4.5 release of gcc for Ubuntu is not ready to go yet.

Gcc and all of its attached and associated goodies are a huge package
of packages that all have to work together or none will work at all
(or, worse, they will look like they work and break everything else).

If NoOp's suggestion doesn't work for you, I'd give a serious rethink
to why you need g++ 4.5 and possibly using a different Linux (e.g.
Fedora) that comes with it if you just have to have it.

It's not as huge as trying to merge a newer version of GNOME onto a
distro that didn't come with it, but the potential side effects are
extremely risky.

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